Providing Marina Safety Technologies


Located approximately every 30 Meters and sitting under the whalers of the marina our custom made switches are wireless and connected by a high viz marine safety rope that when pulled on by someone in the water will send a signal to the nearest Dock Alarm. Our switches are strategically positioned to give an accurate response when attending to an alarm and heartbeat every 30min to give us battery power and temperature

Dock Alarm

These Solar powered Dock Alarms are connected to nearby switches so when a switch is activated the dock alarm sets off a loud audible alarm and strobe light. The Dock alarms are connected to a gateway that then sends out the messaging through our user interface. Our Dock Alarms also have a duress button on them to be used for on dock emergencies – this could be a fire, sinking vessel or medical emergency.

Message Alerts

Sent out Via Text, email and App notifications, the messages tell us what device, row of the marina and berth numbers that the alarm was activated in. these messages are sent to whoever the marina decides to put on the list, can be liveaboards, Marina Staff or security services. An agreement between MOMAS and the marina will decide in what order contacts are made and if nil response emergency services may be called to assist in alarm response.

User interface

A simple map of the marina with all devices shown. When there is an activation this will alarm on the marina computer and the user is able to acknowledge the alarm and see exactly where and what alarm has been activated.

Base Station

Provides the gateway to our user interface, can be plugged into the marinas internet or we use an external duel sim modem to keep connectivity even if one provider looses coverage.


Placed at the entry points to the marina our signage is additional education to those entering the marina and gives a brief overview of how our system is operated.

Safety Flags

Positioned on the whalers every few meters to inform someone in the water to pull on the rope to sound alarm.