1. Person Falls In Marina

A person falls into the water and is able to get themselves back to the docks edge, right in front of them within easy reach is the Man Overboard Marina Alarm System, a pull on the high viz marina grade safety rope will activate a local Dock Alarm.

2. Dock Activates Audible Siren

Our brightly coloured Dock Alarms emits an audible siren and flashing strobe light to alert those in the immediate vicinity. They are fitted with a Duress Button for any on-dock emergencies

3. Base Station Alarms and Texts Sent Out

Text messages, emails and an app notification are automatically sent out to up to 6 people that the marina has pre-programmed into their system, these could be Marina Management, staff, Liveaboards or security companies.

4. Notification Messages

Text email and App notifications clearly inform recipient of where on the marina the alarm has been raised – Marina name, Arm or Row and berth Numbers.

5. Monitoring To Ensure Alarm Is Investigated

Monitoring then makes cascading phone calls to the marina contacts, if no one is able to investigate the alarm, monitoring will contact emergency services to request an investigation.

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How it works

Latest technology to assist marinas in reducing their risk surrounding accidental falls into the water

The Man Overboard Marina Alarm System sets new best practice for mitigating the risks of death and injury associated with persons falling into waters surrounding berthing and mooring infrastructure. It is a cost effective and efficient way of ensuring you are complying with your statutory safety duties and reducing your public liability risks

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