RMYS rescue

In 2021 Man Overboard Marina Alarm Systems was credited with saving its first life after a 74 Year old male accidentally rode his mobility scooter off the dock where his boat was moored, he was able to extricate himself from the sinking scooter and reach the edge of the dock where he activated the Man Overboard System, within 30 seconds of receiving the alerts MOMAS had contacted the marina Manager and an investigation was started, within 3 minutes the victim in the water had 3 persons at his aid from a nearby boat who heard the local alarm, within 9 minutes the male was pulled from the water after being unable to climb a nearby ladder on his own.

A Boat owners perspective on our system

Dog rescue at RMYS

Jet (the 7 year old Kelpie) fell into the marina unintentionally, his owner aboard his vessel was unaware of his dogs plight. As the dog swam along the dock he has activated the rope alarm system setting off the local dock alarm, the dogs owner exits his boat on hearing the alarm and after a short period of time realises his dog is in the water and pulls him to safety.

Marinas Drowning Prevention Innovation

The first drowning mitigation system built for marinas and floating platforms saves its first life.

Q & A with Damien Ryan, Marina Manager at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron